Hexagonal Cap improves Its Performance and Becomes Soft

Hexagonal Cap improves Its Performance and Becomes Soft


DLM, in the wake of its hexagonal cap’s success, decided to come more and more into the detail of the protection that already revolutionized the productions of many companies in oleodynamic field.


After collecting the impressions of those who has to assemble and disassemble protections, DLM decided to develop a new SOFT version that allows easier installation and removing operations.


Besides the benefits already introduced in our video “Advantages of Hexagonal Caps” (Video 1), today  we can add the softness and the flexibility of a material that ensures the most reliability also on fittings at the limit of tolerances, with accentuated edges , increase of thickness due to a possible deposit of resins or varnishes and a simple removing when used.


Just don’t cover your fittings, protect them!


Please, immediately ask for free samples for testing the benefits of our SOFT HEXAGONAL CAP.


You can find below the main features of the material used for the production of this new line of product.



GENERAL FEATURES – excellent resistance to ozone and hoxygen – Good abrasion resistance – Average mineral oils resistance – Excellent hot air resistance – Excellent light resistance.


PHYSICAL FESTURES – cross-linked rubber – Hardness 25/30 shore – Good laceration resistance – Good anti-slip resistance – Excellent elastic memory .


Attention: All the provided information is based on the knowledge of the material that has been acquired after years of experience of injection printing.

These are general data that needs to be checked every time on the base of the specific enquiries of the final customer.