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DLM was founded in 1985 and, thanks to the long-term experience in oleodynamic and oleopneumatic fields, is set as the reference partner for the realization and the moulding of protection plugs.

DLM has arrived at its second generation thanks to Dr Montanari’s  patent, who established the company, revolutionising methods and assembly time  of Male Plugs for thread protection plugs, immediately finding positive approval from the most important leaders in this field.

The growth in the subsequent years brought DLM to establish itself, year after year, as one of the major producers of technical plugs and threads protection.

Our “Family” is made up of a team of 14 people highly specialized with up to date training, in order to meet the continuous needs of the market.

We have a total of 45 injection presses, one plant for dip moulding and one tooling plant for the production of the moulds.

The DLM production area covers a surface of approx. 2.000 sqm., while the logistics and stockhouse of the finished products are located a few kilometers from our production plant and they cover an area of approx. 1.500 sqm. continuously supplied with more than 5.000 items of our standard range.

Our items are studied, designed and engineered for the safeguard of threads and to prevent external contamination during manufacturing and transport of the finished products.

The design, construction and maintenance of the moulds, integrated with the production process, allows us to guarantee maximum flexibility, with competitive costs.

The specific know-how acquired in the transformation of engineering resins enables us to support at our best the choice of the highest quality material for the required application.

Trade relationships with leading companies in the automotive, air conditioning as well as oleodynamic and oleopneumatic fields, has allowed to consolidate supply technologies as the JUST IN TIME and KANBAN philosophy.


“…our customers mustn't worry about the management of plugs: they have to know that having plugs is like having a pen in the office, nobody expects not to find one when they need it …”

Our company is characterized by the following values:

  • Ethics
  • Service
  • Professional integrity
  • Punctuality

Moreover, DLM is focused on the development of new eco-friendly products, since we are highly motivated and careful about environmental regulations.